Satan at the Grammys

A lot of people were upset by the inclusion of Satanic imagery at this year’s Grammy Awards presentation but I was kind of relieved. For over two hundred years the Satanic brand has been hiding in the shadows in this country, mumbling their curses and befouling their bodies and souls in strict privacy. Before they step into the light to evangelize, they put on clean clothes and act as if other people matter. It does not do, you see, to behave like a Satanist at the local grocery store or elementary school.

Like most political animals, their primary marketing technique has been to spread rumors about their leader’s adversary and, well, who can blame them? It’s not like Satan has an engaging campaign platform. Vote for me!: A disgruntled employee who was fired for insubordination then physically (well, spiritually) picked up and booted out by – you know, that other guy who actually made everything. Vote for me!: Who corrupted other employees (thus inventing politics), resulting in harsher workplace conditions and the loss of incredible employee benefits that – you know, that other guy – had already given us. Vote for me!: Who has stewed in resentment for thousands of years and consumes everything in my bitter rage, including – you know, everyone who votes for me.

Yes, the Prince of Darkness slipped out of the shadows on national TV, toasted one female and showed some pretty cool dance moves. Perhaps his time has come. We seem to have grown tired of his adversary – you know, the guy who actually cares about our happiness. He’s a lot like those tiresome elementary school teachers, who actually love kids and encourage them to do the work required to grow up wise and strong and kind. Well, if that’s not your cup of tea, then consider Satan, who regards children as lunch meat and has been proving it all over the world for thousands of years, though never as successfully as he has done right here and right now.
It’s true, of course, that if you really prefer darkness – the total freedom to do anything your little heart desires to anyone you like, without even having to feel shabby about doing it – then Satan is your man. But don’t forget that he intends to take the same liberties with you.

It that gives you pause, then consider Jesus. (There are but two candidates in this election.) I have never seen him dance, but under his loving authority, every human has freedom and reason to dance. In fact, all of our freedoms – including the freedom to reject him – arise from the fact that he created us in his own image and wants us to be free. Some, including many of our own nation’s leaders, want us to forget that, want us to forget that all true leaders lead as Jesus did, by laying down his own life for those he serves.

Personally, I hope that Satan is encouraged by good press from the TV appearance and shows himself more often. That old serpent fools far more people by pretending to be an angel of light.

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